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Bali BS

Bali BS (broadcasting service) is an anti-corruption, anti-fraud, news, analysis and commentary site which periodically releases articles about such matters that impact or are to do with Bali; they also have an ezine (email article update) service you can subscribe to. It is also a site you can contact about serious corruption you are aware of such as fraud, human rights abuse and major wrong doings in or affecting Bali.

Bali BS's Web Site

Bali BS tends to deal with serious events such as Indonesian state sponsored murder, senior Balinese police officer and judiciary corruption, etc. rather than every day police corruption such as traffic cops fabricating motoring offences in order to extort money (unofficial fines without receipts) from tourists; such lesser law enforcement crime should perhaps be reported to: Fugly Bali.

BLTF / Bali BS facts;

1) BLTF never used to link to Bali BS because they never asked BLTF to and because BLTF absolutely does not agree with their stated mandate for tourists to completely boycott Bali / Indonesia. Although the news articles themselves are often very "on the nail" and endorsed.

2) However, in October 2005 Jack Daniels of PT Bali Discovery Tours in Sanur filed yet another police complaint against BLTF's owner, Mark Austin claiming he owns Bali BS and has libeled the police and himself on that site. Jack Daniels routinely files false and malicious police complaints against Mark which have resulted in his civil, human and International rights being violated by the Indonesian state (including an official death threat no less), see: Bali Discovery. Despite the fact the domain registration information for Bali BS shows it is owned by someone with a valid service address in Washington DC, USA, not Mark Austin. Of course lack of evidence and acting outside their jurisdiction does not stop Bali's notoriously corrupt police from conducting unlawful investigations especially when it is rumored such things earn them at least US$500 a time from Jack Daniels.

3) BLTF's owner, Mark Austin, does not own Bali BS. Anyone that has even half a brain can see on BLTF and his Bali Discovery warning / report site that he is quite able and prepared to openly call Bali's police corrupt, so why would he deny owning Bali BS? Mark makes no secret of the fact he has and will continue to provide Bali BS with details / data of police corruption, as it is clear other people also have. But providing details of corruption to Bali and BS and owning it are two separate things. Mr. Austin believes the only reason Jack Daniels and the police colluded to allege ownership of Bali BS is to unlawfully extend the period set by law to either progress or close investigations. You see, instead of adding this latest complaint by Daniels to the existing unlawful investigation for criminal libel against Mark Austin as they should have done, they initiated a new yet even more unlawful investigation for criminal libel!

4) After the corrupt Balinese police acted as above, BLTF has decided to respond by actually linking to Bali BS despite the fact, let this be restated, that BLTF is against a wholesale Bali tourism boycott as promoted by Bali BS.