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Peter 1944,

Boy those beers I had every afternoon and early evening must have had some kick! I've just looked at some photos I took of Walker's Inn and it definitely looks like a wooden building to me, but I acknowledge that I didn't inspect the structure's building material too closely.

At the time of our visit, i talked to Joo about the fish and it was impored North Sea Cod which she said they very occasionally stocked in order to satisfy the Brit backpackers who inhabit the dormitories upstairs.

And agreed, Andy, Joo and heir daughter are delightful people, willing and ready to help all who enter their premises.

I was advised recently that Joo had experienced two deaths in her immediately family and had returned to her village with her daughter. I'm guessing that with Andy by himself he will be harassed and run off his feet.

Condolences to Joo and her family.
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