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I love this club, I do as I was told by my consultant when joining, I book my free night in advance, I only have one free night, I can cancel 24 hours before if I can't attend and I can rebook. The 50% off dining is excellent! Honestly where can you go to have a beautiful meal for 2(2 courses) for $52 with scallops, lamb etc??? The prices are usually great, I have actually checked my A plus prices against, QF, Agoda, Whatif and others and they are very competitive and mostly cheaper, not always though, but I reckon it would be hard to know what other people are charging....yes sometimes I don't get my free night if it is busy periods, but usually I have not had a problem, you just need to book in advance! I check specials each Friday, excellent rates! I have never been told I can have two free nights??? Would be nice though if that was the case! You have a cooling off period which you are legally entitiled to I think(check this) but I think it is 2 weeks...I highly recommend this membership and if used wisely it is excellent value for money!
Sorry...not so. I book early..told..nothing availab0le. I booked 14 months in advance...told nothing available. You need to understand how this sham works. Hotels state they will offer X number of rooms per year to "time share" people.. Of course all of this is in the worst possible season. Even if it is in the bad season and the hotel has stricken up a deal with "some other" of the many similar organisations around the world, they in effect will not have anything matter when you book.. So the massive books of places around the world is just a farce. Truth is, if you booked direct with these hotels, you would get better treatment and get it cheaper than the bloody $1000 a year "maintenance fees" *******S
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