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Default Updates on Burmese Visa

I travel to the country a lot for Business and leisure.

With the opening up of the country rules for getting visa has relaxed. Travelling there has become easier. Recently even newer rules has come in place.

For example Visa-on-arrival at Yangon airport is possible with pre-arrangements. Here's the Myanmar government's official site on visa The site's e-visa function has been under construction for months with no obvious progress to outside world.

There are other web site operators who are supported by Burmese travel agencies (these agencies are appointed by Burmese gov and so far their services has been reliable).

If you are a backpacker from the west planning to go to Burma via Thailand or Malaysia, do note that, there has been a few changes on how is applied. For example, in Kuala Lumpur, the embassy no longer accept visa applications for foreign tourists but referred to their appointed agency near Near Masjid Jarmek LRT station.
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