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As an independent hotel operator, I can tell you that you ned to add at least 20-21% on top of the agoda price to end up with the actual price. Hotels won't usually give you the breakdown of the invoice since they're actually dealing directly with agoda instead of with you as the hotel guest. The invoice that the hotel has (for Agoda not for you) will be totally different to whatever price you pay on Agoda, so that's the main reason.

Whereas is better since you deal directly with the hotel and acts as a third party. You can get your full invoice. Also, the price on is really what the price you pay (so it's not deceptively cheap as in what you find in Agoda website).

Additionally, the hotels themselves can set cancellation and booking policies on Agoda. Also, if the hotels can't provide you with a room even though you have a voucher from Agoda that means that hotel is playing truant and by not making a reservation for you on the local reservation system.

Anyway, both and agoda are owned by Priceline, so we're all making Priceline richer :).
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