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Default False Promises by Accor Advantage Plus Vietnam Team

1st case: I signed up for the Accor Advantage Plus card and have recommended 4 friends who have signed up as a result. These recommendations were done on the basis that my membership would be renewed for free for 1 year once 5 friends have signed up within 2 weeks of the recommendation (this restriction is already a big catch). On requesting the 1 additional free year membership with a 5th recommendation, this was denied. It was said that this was never promised, though I did confirm this after the 2nd recommendation. It is extremely unprofessional for Accor Advantage Plus Vietnam to make promises to get new customers at all costs, without committing to these promises.

2nd case: a friend of my was offered to extend the membership in return getting the free night voucher from the first year extended, such that there are 2 nights available during the second year. On her request to book a hotel using these 2 vouchers, the Accor Advantage Plus Vietnam office called back saying that the free night can be extended. The phone call was made by another sales representative for no loss of face of the sales rep who made the promise. As a result of not being able to book the 2 nights, she decided not to extend her membership for a 2nd year, as the promise made in order to extend was not kept.

The sales practices of the Accor Advantage Plus Vietnam team is extremely unprofessional, and dont be surprised that this will be in the legal courts soon. you better watch out what promises you make while making the sales calls. we are following.
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