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that is kind of sad. well for yanks, it's a long way, 5 days travel time if going out of bkk, well from east coast of usa, and way too expensive for airfare. unless on long holiday, which not many yanks get. too much right in home country to see, or couple hours away at decent prices for couple weeks relaxing in real mountains or beaches. and so much so close, such as caribbean/mexico vacation spots.

euros, not sure, much closer and easier to get to, and you all get better vacation time, same with aussies, i believe. southern europe must be a bit expensive, as a local option for warmer weather and beaches.

i, a yank, came here on a fluke, with no knowledge or research prior to coming as it had to be a split second decision. after living here, discovered the negatives. still not outweighing the positives for me, but as a tourist or thinking about retirement now, i possibly wouldn't be here, definitely not as a tourist, from the states. but retired and settled down, so hard to just leave.

usa and world wide having major problems, same everywhere, but some of the scams here, are not heard of in usa or surely europe. but this isn't a country where those that are here to protect and serve, take that to seriously. sure a large percentage of those that do serve, or simply avoid being scammers, but the minority sure does taint the rest and give a bad rep to the country. and we are not even talking about crime from the stereotype criminal. most unreported, just these high profile cases make the news, and not thai news, unless already reported in another country.

if caught up in one of the scams such as the airport, it can be life altering. that's some scary stuff. worst i ever thought about, is planted drugs and a bribe request, now some of the stuff you read about is damn scary.

the obvious openess and lack of anyone in power to do anything about it is the big concern. the embassies are helpless, until someone is charged, then only after convicted, possibly get you back to a civilized prison term, oh joy.

since the laws make it hard to convict anyone, since you personally have to file charges and return till case resolved, which could take years, and lots of money, who would press charges. this they know and take advantage of.

unless well travelled and big city wits and lots of research, i wouldn't recommend it as a tourist destination. simply walking thru the airport is dangerous. all those there to protect you are the ones involved in the scam. what chance do you have.

you can scream, but nobody is there to hear you................damn scary.
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